Why Buy Galler Inca-Eco Cotton? 

In order to facilitate growth without harmful toxins, farmers must rely on carefully planned, ecologically sustainable practices to achieve the same ends. In lieu of synthetic fertilizers, crop rotation and mixed cropping serve to maintain soil fertility. To balance the nutrient content of the planting soil, farmers rely on composting and use of organic manure. In the absence of nitrogen binding agents, cotton is rotated with plants that draw this necessary element into the dirt.

Pest control is achieved by establishing a diverse ecosystem. Natural enemies of cotton destroying insects are cultivated by providing suitable habitats for their proliferation.  Trap crops serve as more tempting treats thus sparing the cotton. Natural extracts of flowers and herbs can provide additional support if predator control is needed. Plucking is done by hand and farmers rely on nature to dictate when defoliation should occur. Conventional cotton farming uses chemical defoliation for faster harvests.

Workers of our mill are all employed according to the governing laws of Peru. They have rights as determined by International Labor Organization including social security, holidays, and the right to strike. No child labor is permitted. The disuse of pesticides and other poisonous agents protects their health in innumerable ways.

Inca-Eco cotton is dyed with low-impact dyes. These colors are classified eco-friendly by the Oeko-Tex Standard 100 (an international certification process). Low impact dyes do not contain toxic chemicals or mordants (which bind the dye to the yarn.) They require less rinsing and have a high absorption rate so there is minimal water wasted in the process.

Buying Galler Organic Cotton is a decision to protect the planet. The only way to support organic practice is with our buying practices. We are proud to offer this yarn not only for its quality, but for what it means for our ecological future.



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