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The alpaca are raised on a ranch in the Andes Mountains at altitudes of over 13,000 feet above sea level. Tended by herders, the animals spend their lives grazing freely in open pastures. For Alpaca there is no organic certification per se, as the animals spend their lives grass feed with no chemicals used on their fields. Our Alpaca comply with the Oeko Tex 100 requirements and pass their test on an annual basis.

A main focus of the ranch is the genetic improvement of the alpaca; the aim is to develop alpacas with the finest fibers, least variability of hair dimension, and no guard hairs. In order to accomplish this, the most modern technological instruments are used together with state-of-the-art genetic methodology to achieve the objective and, later on, enabling the desired animals to be distributed among thousands of Andean alpaca herdsmen. The advances made to date are outstanding.

From the very start, the ranch established a principle: everything tried and learned would be shared with the smallholding alpaca herdsmen in Peru. All knowledge, aspects such as shearing techniques, animal health, reproduction, feeding, data storage, genetic management, selection of animals, and the handling of pasture and forage, is disseminated to local breeders. However, not only is the improvement of alpacas paramount to our breeders, so is the improvement of the lives of Peruvian herdsmen and their families.

One of the most urgent aspects related to alpaca raising in Peru is that of the living conditions of the herdsmen. Owing to their location in the higher parts of the Peruvian Andes and their distance from population centers, the living quarters of the alpaca herdsmen are extremely precarious, without utilities and are poorly disposed to withstand the intense cold that characterizes these lands. Ranch leaders have therefore created a program of improvement of the quality of these dwellings innovative heating and some basic utilities.

In their “Donation of New Reproducers” program, our breeders regularly donate healthy, well-formed, genetically sound Alpacas to poorer herdsmen, thus giving them new blood to renovate their herds and avoid the problems of inbreeding. And the ranch not only cares about the herdsmen, but their families. A new program has been instated to offer support financially to local schools.

You can be proud that you are buying alpaca from a source that values the ecology, generously assists the community, and is committed to the advancement of the alpaca breed in Peru and beyond.


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